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Gazelle International are proud to support Aid into Africa, who, among their many projects are currently shipping 26 pallets of Respiratory Equipment into Iraq which will be of great benefit to the thousands that have suffered in the recent war.

To date AiA have shipped 100 tonnes of medical and educational aid to Africa promoting the well being of over 100,000 children,teachers and doctors.

AiA are currently working on shipping 20 tonnes of medical and educational aid to Dar-es-Salaam in January 2004, from there it will be transported by road to Kilimanjaro where 20,000 children will look forward to a brighter future.

Aid into Africa are always grateful for any help, no matter how small, so if you feel you have something to offer or would like to get involved, please contact them via their website.

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Please contact if you have any materials you would like to donate or become involved in any future projects.