Nationwide next day timed delivery

We specialise in timed deliveries, giving you flexible options for urgent packages.

Timed deliveries are perfect for fresh produce and perishable items, as well as time-sensitive consignments such as travel documents and medical supplies. Items are scanned directly into transportation cages for accuracy and security.

*Please note that there are limitations to the service coverage areas for timed and next day deliveries. Upgrades available to fragile services and security services.

MailPacks, CourierPacks and Parcels


Items less than 1kg

  • Branded A4 plastic bag
  • Maximum weight 1kg
  • Excludes liquids


Items less than 5kg

  • Branded A3 plastic bag
  • Maximum weight 5kg
  • Excludes liquids

Lightweight Parcel

Items less than 5kg

  • Single item
  • Maximum weight 5kg
  • Less than 0.45m x 0.35m x 0.2m
  • Excludes liquids


Items less than 30kg

  • Single or multi part consignments
  • Maximum weight 30kg per item
  • Less than 1.2m x 0.55m x 0.5m

Some services are subject to limitations and/or additional charges - please ask for further details. Volumetric rates may apply.