Specialist Delivery Services

Our specialist security, fragile and liquid services are perfect for shipping high value items, delicate items and liquids; such as wines and spirits, providing a monitored and segregated system for maximum protection.

By choosing a timed delivery, you can rest assured that high value goods will be delivered at a time when your customer can receive them in person.

If you have taken our Increased Liability Cover for any consignment, it with travel via a secure service. The cover is available up to a maximum of £3,000 per consignment for computer equipment, software and mobile phones and, £15,000 per consignment of other goods. Exclusions apply.

Secure, Fragile and Liquid Services

Security Service

  • This freight is identified with security labels and is sealed into separate cages throughout trunking transportation
  • A dedicated, segregated sort for security freight under high definition CCTV
  • Items are scanned and tracked at every stage for traceability and peace of mind
  • Increased liability cover available on selected products (for an additional charge)

Fragile Service

  • Dedicated hand sort section
  • Fragile freight is segregated into separate cages for sortation
  • Identified as fragile at every stage
  • No liquids

Liquid Service

  • Dedicated hand sort section
  • Liquid freight is segregated into separate cages for sortation
  • Identified as liquid at every stage

Some services are subject to limitations and/or additional charges – please ask for further details. Volumetric rates may apply.